We interrupt this hissy-fit…

I spent much of the lunch hour doing the penis dance.
No, not really.
(Six-year-old Morgan has yet to teach it to me.)
I did, however, spend it up to my nostrils in white, latte-esque foam that was provided by the myriad of bubbles churned up by the powerful and efficient jets of a hot tub.
Being talked off the ledge by my best friend, Jason.
(Actually, I had calmed way down before I got there; the hotness of the hot tub and the great conversation were just added bonuses.)
We discussed meanness – and the general weirdness of life.
Surface Tension has allowed me to off-load several tons of anger and various other baggage from my soul. It has allowed me to drop situations that would have funkified me for days.
It has allowed me to get closer to the happy-go-lucky kid I was in my youth - the one who jumped into the abyss with both feet - whistling a happy tune.
It’s also where (some of the) weirdness goes (no, not all; trust me, my life plays out in Brilliant Technicolor and even I have to edit myself).
But, that being said, I am still very much a cantankerous prick (see there, I was trying not to include one swear, and there you go) who can’t stop poking the beast (authority?), just to see if it’ll respond.
That’s why I love my little patch of the Internets.
Because I’m feeling very much better now, thankyoueversomuch.
Trying to salvage what’s left of the workday.
I feels good. I feels like getting out after work for a Nordic walk.
Release some endomorphines.
Besides, Apple engraved my Nano (no doubt Bono put in a good word on my behalf) and my iPod is currently in transit at Lantau Island, Hong Kong, according to the good folks at FedEx.
And, Jason burned me a copy of Peter Bjorn & John’s “Writer’s Block.”
And he gave me a new sticker for the 4Runner.
You’re right, R&R, “Knock, and the door will be opened for you” (I truly admire your faith).


TheRobRogers said...

Hot tubs or something of the sort really should be planned into most work days. Either that or a vigorous constitutional.

RachelRenae said...

:) :) :)