3WW CCXLIX, "Stranded"

The words over at Three Word Wednesday are flag, might and passive.

With a white veil of silk, she cause his attention, flagged him over.
The car in idle, he watched her walk toward him from the rear-view. She smiled at her sway.
He rolled down the window and thought that she’d been crying.
She’d stuck a thumb in both eyes to well the tears.
“Yes, well, I’m stuck, see…”
“Might as well hop in, I can give you a lift.”
Once inside, the heat, mixed with his salty scent, made her swoon.
“Where you headed?”
He sat, passive, waiting for her answer.
“Anywhere you are.”
Pulling out on the highway, he quickly shifted into fourth, then let his hand settle onto her thigh.
The whites of her eyes went blood red, but she didn’t pounce.
“There’s a curve coming up, love. Focus.”


The words over at Three Word Wednesday are behave, jettison and mob.


The blond bimbo on the news said it was a mob, but shit I was there, man. There wasn’t a mob.
It was an army.
Fucking behaved one, too. Line after line of believers. Standing shoulder to shoulder. Dressed in black. Chanting in low tones.
Cops didn’t know what to do, shit their pants are start in with the tear gas. All worried looks behind plastic shields and plastic faceplates hooked to helmets. Guys gripping their nightsticks like they’re choking their chickens. Fucking hilarious.
Until one dude on the cop line got antsy, man. That black army was spreading like an oil spill and he takes out his Glock and drops it and it goes off and takes out a kid, man, all of like 17 and he drops to the ground.
That black army oozed over him, hands grabbing, and he’s moved to the rear in such a chillingly efficient manner. Fast, too, since the leading edge of the army kept moving forward toward the cops. Yeah, some of them jettisoned their shields and nightsticks and just bugged the fuck out. But the badasses – those guys with the crew-cuts and the weird little mustaches all trimmed up and perfect, they stayed on the line.
And started firing.
For every kid or grandma who went down, another body filled their place. They just kept coming, man. Swallowed the cops whole, shit them out the back. Jesus the screaming.
Fucking awesome, man. Just fucking awesome.