Uncle E Is At It (Again)

Yes, friends, Uncle E, because apparently he's got a lot of free time, has started a new Wordpress blog:

500 Reasons Why The 80's Didn't Suck. 

"Let’s for a moment forget about the poofy hair, Reagan and Thatcher and the threat of nuclear annihilation, parachute pants and Eddie Murphy movies. This blog will concern itself with the music of the decade, much of which was wonderful and groundbreaking, as opposed to popular thought, which has skewed opinion to remember the 80’s as the worst decade EVER of popular music."

OK, sure, there was a lot that was wrong with the 80s, where music is concerned. Starship. Rick Astley. Milli Vanilli, fer Chrissakes. 

But the 80s also spawned some hellaciously great music. Uncle E and I both lived through the decade, hell, we were still young and impressionable. We know what we're talking about.

E says he's going to focus on 500 reasons why the 80s didn't suck by introducing the world to highlight "those albums and bands that were played at underground clubs, the forgotten gems that took research and word of mouth to discover."

Go check him out. He's a knowledgeable guy - and he's got wit. 

Oh, and here's one of my very own reasons why the 80s didn't suck:

Pixies, "Debaser" (surprised, E?)