3WW CCXLIX, "Stranded"

The words over at Three Word Wednesday are flag, might and passive.

With a white veil of silk, she cause his attention, flagged him over.
The car in idle, he watched her walk toward him from the rear-view. She smiled at her sway.
He rolled down the window and thought that she’d been crying.
She’d stuck a thumb in both eyes to well the tears.
“Yes, well, I’m stuck, see…”
“Might as well hop in, I can give you a lift.”
Once inside, the heat, mixed with his salty scent, made her swoon.
“Where you headed?”
He sat, passive, waiting for her answer.
“Anywhere you are.”
Pulling out on the highway, he quickly shifted into fourth, then let his hand settle onto her thigh.
The whites of her eyes went blood red, but she didn’t pounce.
“There’s a curve coming up, love. Focus.”


oldegg said...

Never know what we will get from you. So much left to our lurid imaginings here...and did mine run riot! I suppose it was the starter words "With a white veil of silk..."
But that is the secret isn't it? It is not the words but our interpretation. Always good to visit.

Li said...

This is quite a setting - the story could go in so many directions! One thing's for sure - it's seldom a good idea to pick up strangers. ;-)

Donna Hole said...

That was intriguing. So many questions unanswered.


Altonian said...

Short, and not so sweet. Now, how shall I imagine it continues........?

Berowne said...

Great setup. What's the payoff?

Sheilagh Lee said...

Very intriguing you wonder what will happen next

Alice Audrey said...

I get the feeling she's about to take a bite out of him. Literally.

jaerose said...

We all need to focus on those curves..shall remember the thumbs in the eye trick..good to read one of your worlds again.. Jae