Happy fun day

Saturday was one of those unexpected surprises - like finding a $10 in your jeans pocket or having the waitress bring the table an appetizer because the wait got a bit long (but you were with friends, so who cares?) - sunny and warm after days of rain and clouds.
The new city/county library opened and I was among an estimated 2,700 people who lined the streets to pass some 600 books from the old library to the new one. Passing books a couple of miles takes a lot longer than anyone cared to guess - and the "official opening ceremonies" went long.
Some friends and I just wanted to see the inside of the place (I turned down an exclusive walk-through for reporters recently). They wouldn't let anyone in until all the talking heads spoke (and it was a big list).
We went to lunch.
Our favorite sushi place was closed, so we ended up at this hole-in-the-wall fish place where everything is fried. I had clams and fish.
My gall bladder hurts.
My friends walked to our station in line for the book passing, so I dropped them off and stopped by a friend's who lives like a half-block away. He was at the book passing too. We had a cup of coffee, then he asked if I had my Nordic poles. I did.
We went over to the Sundial Bridge and walked three miles.
"I'm testing out some new trekking socks," I said. "They have a left sock and right sock."
"What happens if you put them on the wrong feet?"
I was stumped.
After the hike, I put the Mountainsmith X-Socks on the opposite feet.
It's like wearing your shoes on the wrong feet. It's just wrong.
I walked the dogs in the field and then just sat and did nothing for 15 minutes (try it, it's really neat).
Then, I remembered that next Saturday, daylight-saving time starts.
And days like Saturday will stretch another hour or so.


RachelRenae said...

I love doing nothing. It's one of my favorite things. I'll do it now.

yeah, that's the stuff.