Decisions, decisions

It is a day of decisions.
A weekend full of 'em.
According to the good folks at FedEx, my Nano reached Sacramento at 4:19 a.m. on Saturday. It is a tantalizingly-close 142 miles from my hot little hands.
So the decision here is what song do I play first?
The last song my first-generation iPod played (poorly, I might add) before the sad face of death came was AFI's "Miss Murder" (as it would only play tunes alphabetically).
Murder and death. Not a good and happy choice to play on the new (and super-cool) (Product)RED Nano.
I don't have a "favorite" song. I have songs that fit my mood, songs that are favorites of the moment, but not one overall tune that I can point to and say - that's it, that's my favorite (on my iTunes are 300 artists, 234 albums and 1,597 songs - which isn't a third of my music library, I'm just too lazy to import everything).
So I have a music library of 1,597 songs to choose from.
The Replacements "Can't Hardly Wait?" Hmmmm.
Something new, like Peter Bjorn and John's "Young Folks?"
Some Social Distortion, in honor of the big show on April 14? "Mommy's Little Monster," perhaps?
I remain solidly undecided. I have time. Like 48 hours. It's all good.
Then, my eyes opened to a most beautiful sunrise on Saturday. Another weekend where anything is possible (and I'm blogging - procrastinating).
(OK, I do have homework before I go out and play. My attorney needs one more form to fill out, so we can get the divorce good and started. I've got to fax it back in, before I do anything fun.)
Nordic walking? A long mountain bike ride? Fish? Take the dogs to the lake for a little swimming? A paddle in the kayak?
Endless. Endless possibilities.
Might as well get started on my homework.


Stevo said...

When you're done I hope you went outside to play.

As for first tunes...How about Fragma and Kristy Hawkshaw: Radio Waves....I'm not sure if you like those types of tunes though.....