Even more derogatory haikus

Kimbolina has an aged cat.
With somewhat of an incontinence problem (and that skin thing, too).
He a very fine and noble cat, who prances (yes, he prances) like a Nureyev.
And he’s 14 years old.
Kimbolina asked me to pen a derogatory haiku for her everyday situation (namely, Gulliver began piddling on her carpet recently).

Gulliver travels
To the wet spot on the floor
Cat piss is so wrong

“I emailed it to my roommate,” she said. “He thinks we should get it translated into Japanese and get it printed on parchment.”
I believe that is a fine idea.
Do it in traditional Japanese calligraphy (called shodo).
Very Zen.


RachelRenae said...

Comic gold!

Back when kanji printing was all the rage on clothing, I was close friends with an exchange student from Japan named Yuko. She thought this trend was ridiculously funny because most of the words made no sense or didn't say what the wearer supposed they did.

Now when I see someone wearing a shirt with Japanese script, I just assume it says something like "I'm an ignorant American consumer", though if you ask them, they'll tell you it says "peace, love and harmony".