A moment of impact

It’s coming.
The moment of impact. A clash of will.
It will be like a car wreck, but it will unfold in super slow-motion; it will unfold with shards of safety glass that explode like a Fourth of July airburst shell. It will be so slow to be able to see the paint begin to crack and warp, metal actually bending as two forces collide.
That impact is coming.
And I watch from the sidewalk, where life goes on at regular speed.
I could probably lessen the impact, try and save all those involved. It’s in the back of my mind to do so (the former me’s answer to everything).
But it also does me no good to do so.
So I will do nothing.
But watch from the sidelines – and out of the middle of several parties – while this wreck unfolds. I continue on with my timeline, which is filled with friends, outings, work, renewed spirituality, family and numerous community commitments.
In short, my life has a richness in full-speed.
But I can’t help not look. Hey, it’s going to be one spectacular car wreck.
Am I callous for not being the rescuer?
No. I am being an advocate for ThomG. And I’m doing for ThomG what I must do. Let the impact come. Let the impact happen (because it’s going to happen, sooner rather than later).
And be there to listen.
But not to rescue.
I can’t save anyone.
But I can do what best for me – and best for those involved.
When it is called for; when approached. And only then.


Steve said...

You can always take photos from the sidewalk and then blog them.

Thanks for the info this morning. Looking forward to lunch sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

Hay you, I've taken to blogging at the library........it's a strange feeling reading someones blog you don't really know surrounded by people you don't know! I admire your let it happen approach...........the slow motion of a crash always prompts me to do something to stop it which in the end only delays things! Beth