March indulgence(s)

It’s March, which means it is time again to consider an indulgence for the month.
(For those new to Surface Tension, part of my 43 Things is to indulge myself once a month with something I wouldn’t normally do or buy.)
But here’s the wrench: It’s also my birthday this month (March 20; ThomG likes humorous cards filled with unmarked, small-denomination U.S. bills).

Do I indulge myself twice?
Do I get one big honking indulgence?
Or do I get one honkingly spectacular birthday present?
It’s enough to give me gas.
Excuse me.

A suntan would be nice.
I am certainly very, very white (except for my face and arms). I would really like to fake-bake, because I’m tired of having the farmer’s tan. But then I think, “Why fucking pay for something that is free every time to sun is out?”
Because a fake tan is faster than the sun.

I decided against the aquarium, since it’s a lot to take on right now. I’m scaling that idea back to a Siamese fighting fish (Betta Splendens), which doesn’t exactly take up a lot of space.
And I don’t really want – or need – anything.
In fact, I think I have too much shit.
(You come to one of those life-altering changes, and it is the perfect time to jettison scads of stuff. I mean scads. And I am jettisoning shit left and right.)

All I really want is a new iPod and a new kayak.
(And maybe a massage. Oh, and sex.)
That’s it.
The iPod, I suppose, is in my price range.
The kayak is not.

I tried to trick my dad into getting me the iPod for my birthday.
“Nice try. I’ll send you $70.”
My boss reminded me that I’ve got $100 coming for a story I wrote for our marketing department.
Fucking A.
I went with the one honkingly spectacular birthday present.
I just dropped the hammer on the special edition, (Product) RED 4GB iPod Nano.
It’s red.
I got free engraving (ThomG; Rockin’ the Free World).
I got free shipping.
And Apple gave $10 to the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa.
U2’s Bono will be proud.
And I’ll get my Nano in seven to 10 business days.
Fuck the suntan.
(But bring on the massage; hey, I deserve it).
I just won't eat until next payday.


RachelRenae said...

I love my ipod. Who needs to eat, anyway?

Happy 13-days-early-birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Good choice. I'll feed you if you get too hungry.