Morning fog

I made a nice pot of Italian roast coffee this morning.
I had a half-cup while I got ready.
And left the rest in my travel mug on the counter, as I stumbled out the door toward work (at least I remembered the mobile).
I am a coffee snob.
If I had disposable income, I'd buy a $1,200 titanium Italian espresso machine and go to town on it every single day. Straight, fresh and creamy espresso in my little handmade Italian cups or an Americano every now and again.
I dream of this day.
I'm at my desk and all anyone has brewing in the building is Folgers.
Fuck me.
There's a fog around me. I need real coffee - stat.
I cannot work like this.
The desperation settles in.
Wednesday was an unproductive day. I need this day.
I need some fucking coffee.
Options, what are my options?
Call a sympathetic coworker who might take pity on me and swing by a shop?
Get in the truck and drive to a shop?
Wait until I can get into the boss' office and brew a real pot of coffee?
I currently weigh all options.
One thing I will not do.
Drink a cup of swill.
I have standards.


Kimbolina said...

My, my. Aren't we grouchy this morning? Get your decent coffee yet?

I thought the machine was $1,100? Or are we now including the tax and rounding up? Details, details.

ThomG said...

Technically, it's $1,299, without tax and shipping. And no, I'm drinking not quite swill, but I can see swill from where I'm standing.

RachelRenae said...

But Folgers is the best part of waking up. Haven't you learned anything from commercials, Thomg? For shame.

Anonymous said...

mmmm... sea swill...

Anonymous said...

Is that anything like slurry?

ThomG said...

Say, meat-robot, ever going to post again, or are you just going to comment from now on? And R&R, I've learned, from commercials, that any erection lasting more than four hours is something worth contacting your doctor about.