And that's that

(Heavy sigh.)
I’ve managed to get every document and scrap of paper together that my attorney requested to file for divorce. She’s on the way to the courthouse with it.
Right fucking now.
There is no sense of triumph, no glee.
But no huge heartache, either.
Oh, sure, there’s a part of my heart that still can’t figure out why we’re not working things out – tossing a six-year love affair over basically a rough month – but there is no logic here. There is no problem to solve anymore.
There’s just reams of paperwork and a blueprint for the future.
Six months and one day from March 15, 2007, I will return to the status of “unmarried man.”
(September 17, for those scoring at home.)
I did all I could do.
It wasn’t enough.
And this day is the result.
Didn’t look forward to it – won’t celebrate it – but needed it.
Forward motion and all that.


Anonymous said...

At least the clock in now ticking. You have maintained and handled this situation better than I could have. We'll talk later.