Let's blow some shit up

In California, there is a 10-day waiting period to buy a handgun.
But if you want a cannon, just go down to the local antique/junk shop.
This cannon has been sitting out front of the store for a week now.
The owner came out while I was taking pictures and said the cannon was $125.
He'd let me have it for $75.*

*(Gunpowder and cannonballs sold separately.)


Anonymous said...

So did you purchase it? I wonder if those moto kids will ride on the property across from you now.

ThomG said...

One across the bow, perhaps? No, didn't buy it. It's really a piece of shit, one of those things rednecks drunk on MGD blow themselves up with.

Anonymous said...

Is that the "bowling ball caliber"? I've seen one of those shoot bowling balls about half a mile. Don't matter who you are, that's funny right there.