'Like a bull in a cathederal'

The opportunity to explore more of my faith has presented itself.
I was the first lector at mass on Saturday. Old Testament stuff. Exodus, namely the story of Moses and the Burning Bush.
First lectors have to walk in the opening procession with the priest and alter(kids).
So I’m standing with Father Ed, getting ready to go – and he stops and ushers me back into the Sacristy (for non-Catholics, that’s the room where stuff is kept, like the priests’ robes, the chalices and such).
“We have a parish that needs to be shaken up, we need fresh ideas, fresh people to do that,’ Father Ed said (it’s now after 5:30 p.m. and people are starting to fidget). “We need you, ThomG.”
And Father Ed pulls out a piece of paper and a pen and tells me to write my phone numbers down. Right there. As people grew anxious for mass to begin.
“People like you ThomG, you have the power to reinvigorate this parish.”
And I’m looking at father Ed with my mouth agape.
I have a pronounced malevolent streak that is as dark as coal.
I like to swear (when a good cuss word is called for).
I’m sharp-tongued, and as I have aged, I have lessened the need to censor myself – and say all sorts of things right to people’s faces.
I am not the kind of guy you’re looking for to reinvigorate a Catholic parish.
“ThomG, this parish needs you, I need you. You’ll be great, there are so many places I see a need for you, places where you will make a difference (Father Ed said as he put my numbers into his vestments).
“I will be calling. Calling you.”
I read Exodus. I didn’t screw up.
And Father Ed spent the first two minutes of his sermon talking about me, and how I came to join the parish and has stepped right in and wanted to read. And how he will be calling on me.
“We are expecting big things from ThomG.”
Funny thing is, I left mass, I dunno, lighter. Uplifted (that mood has since passed Sunday morning and turned a bit gray at the present).
I felt like this was a chance encounter for me. A mark in time to learn more about faith – and myself.
Shake things up?
Hell, I’m likely to break something


Anonymous said...

God works in mysterious ways. keep your faith and believe like your father does. it has helped him though allot. you should feel honored.

Beth said...

That's so cool! I love the idea of you sorting stuff.....I expect to visit Ireland in the next few months and see you face on a bill board! Or in one of those glass cars waving!!! It's great to have someone recognize a gift in you......enjoy!

TheRobRogers said...

Seriously, Tom. Embrace it. Run with it.