I am honored

It’s been a great day.
Found out that my book, which has been out a year, is going into its third printing (some money would be nice, but hey, if it's still in print, it means there's still royalties to come).
Then the mystery guests showed up at 10:20 a.m. Friday.
Three members of the Shasta Sundial Strollers, the local Volkssport walking club.
They presented me with cool glass paperweight - and took a group picture for their newsletter.
See, a year ago, there wasn’t a local Volkssport club. I did a story for the paper and now there’s like 50 people in the group (I’m an honorary member).
“We just wanted to say thank you,” the president said. “Most all of our members, one way or another, found out about us through your stories.
“You do so much for the Outdoors, ThomG, we just wanted to come by and say thanks.”
And people wonder what I’m still doing here.
I live here because people care.
I’m getting all misty-eyed.


Anonymous said...

Hug sandwich and Thom's the meat!

That club sounds interesting, I might want to give it a try sometime.