Welcome to Wibble

I know Peas' real name.
Forget the red fuck-me pumps and the serial crimson nail polishing. The hook-ups, fuck-ups, break-ups and cover-ups.
She's a real person, with a real career and everything.
(You can figure out her real name for yourself as well, but her secret is safe with me.)

Anyway, Peas has a new venture, and ThomG says you should check it out.

It's Wibble.

What's a Wibble? Google it and it could be "...the almighty force that will conquer the Earth and the universe."
Or it's how techies say www - as in "The site is at wibble(dot)thomg(dot)blogspot(dot)com."
And according to Peas and her minions, Wibble is "...a multi-user, multi-industry blog. If you are a thought leader in your industry open an account NOW!"
How can you resist an offer like that?

OK, sure, it is a South African site. But the Internets has no borders, we're one big unwashed family here. It's time to let your voice be heard.

"Wibble.co.za is an interactive website that offers users multiple communication options. Firstly, you can register an account absolutely free of charge. Better still, if you write a particularly enlightening, entertaining, informative, or interesting post – our moderators will automatically slap it onto the homepage. This means that more readers will be exposed to what YOU have to say.
"In addition, the public can vote for your post. We want you to do well – we want your products, your thoughts and your expertise in all matters business to thrive. Wibble is the site that rises above the white noise of the blogosphere and gets you noticed quickly."

And if you don't stop by, if you don't register, Peas will be out on her ass by October. And nobody wants that.
Trust me.
We want Peas to conquer the Earth and the universe. Because if she does, she's promised me a seat on the board of directors.
And a Wibble tote bag.
Crimson, of course.


Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Thom! Such a lovely write-up, you rock! :)