Songs in the key of G

She wondered about getting an iPod. Whether she’d actually use something like that.
It would be silly to say that I couldn’t live without mine; of course I could.
I just choose not to.
An iPod adds a soundtrack to your life.
Wherever you are, wherever you go, you’ve got a soundtrack. One that you control.
Happy or sad, tired or bored, you’ve got music that can either keep you on that mood – or bust you out of it.
Right now, I’m digging on Social Distortion’s new song, “Far Behind.” The lyrics are fantastic, in an empowering way:

With friends like you, who needs enemies?
you ain't right, you ain't never gonna be,
you're out of the car, I'm afraid you've been declined.
you shake my hand, while you're pissing on my leg
I'm cuttin you loose, I don't need this misery
your soul is toxic, you ain't no friend of mine.

You talk real trash when I’m not around
to build yourself up, you gotta to tear me down.
you'll have to excuse me, I’ve got better things to do.
you smile through your teeth, you talk out your neck
every chance you get you're gonna stab my back.
your time's run out, I’ve got nothing left for you..

I'm leaving you far behind.
I'm leaving you far behind.
So I've wasted all of my time.
I'm leaving you far behind.

So I'm pulling out the weeds, I’m taking stock
you can talk the talk, but cant walk the walk
Your narcissistic ways have gotten the best of you.
So I'm leaving you to sink, in all your glory
For you and me it's the end of the story.
Get out of my way, I've got better things to do..

[Chorus x3]

With friends like you, who needs enemies?
it means you ain't right, you ain't never going
your soul is toxic, you ain't no friend of mine.

Music helps me sort out the day's events. It helps me work. When I’m really stressed, on a tight deadline, the music is loud, fast and angry. When I mountain bike (alone), it’s catchy and fun. When I go shopping, I just throw the iPod on shuffle and see what comes up.

I know the iPod drives some people nuts. That it cuts down on human interaction (and that’s probably true). But sometimes, shit, I don’t want to talk to anyone. I just want to get my shit done and be somewhere else.
An elderly lady tried to strike up a conversation over the fresh corn at the grocery the other day.
“Oh, I see that you’re plugged in.”
I took the earbuds out, and we had a great talk about how California corn couldn’t touch the corn grown in the Midwest.
You can have it both ways.

Funny thing is, I have just scratched the surface of what my iPod can do. I mean, I have a couple of playlists and 361 songs loaded, but I’ve got room for 640 more songs. More playlists.
More chances to add music to my life.


Anonymous said...

sweet song dude. this isn't a remake, correct?

ThomG said...

Nope, Brand-spanking new Social Distortion. ThomG says check it out. It's on their new greatest hits CD. iTunes has it.