In the kitchen

I spent a majority of my Sunday cooking.
More like deconstructing, really.
I put together meals for two backpacking trips.
Both dehydrators were going.
I had to travel to WinCo (think Wal-Mart, but slightly worse; it is a grocery store) to raid the bin foods area.
Then package everything up and vacuum seal it.

I leave for the first trip on July 30, a week's hiking in the mountains of Northern California.
I leave for Wyoming on Aug. 11.
Instead of trying to explain a freeze-dried meal of Tahoe Chicken Curry to the good folks at American Airlines, I'm shipping the food to a store at our jump-off point. Meaning, I have to get that package out this week.

Eating in the backcountry is a challenge. Mostly to get any sort of fruits or vegetables in you. I added fruits and nuts to the oatmeal at breakfast, and put in a bunch of dehydrated veggies into the meals.
And we have some dandy meals planned.
(Friends like to pair up with me on trips, as I don't fuck around.)
Smoked salmon fettucini; spicy Thai noodles with shrimp; roast corn and clam chowder; vegetable beef stew.

The kitchen was a mess. Stuff spread on every available counter.
Slowly, surly, meals got done and moved to the "staging area" in a back bedroom.
And I went to bed around 1 a.m.
The price you pay for good eats.


John from Grand Haven, MI said...

one particular summer, i hung out with a bunch of people who drank a lot (not that i didn't) and one guy used to make screwdrivers with absolut vodka. so, anyway, we were all loaded up one night and he makes himself a drink with a splash of OJ and a ton of vodka and i commented/complimented that the drink was a strong one. he looks up and says, in a very serious tone, "i'm not fucking around". classic!