On the road (again)

In a couple of hours, I'm leaving for the coast.
(I convinced work that I needed to go to Point Reyes and check things out.)
I am stressed beyond belief.
(This is my life; I'm traveling for work, to fuck around and I'm getting paid for it and I'm stressed.)

Monday was pretty much a wash. Long day, not very much sleep and now I've managed to convince myself that this trip is going to be a lot more trouble than it is worth.
(That'll change, once I'm there, but you can see the problem - I'm troubled.)

The faster pace of my life is what's doing it. Learning to adapt to being on the go much of the time. Learning that it is OK to leave at a moment's notice and do something fun.

Anyway, there may or may not be a post on Wednesday. Depends on WiFi access.
(And if I'm having any fun.)

(And yes, this is a bullshit post. Part of the trick to this road trip is to kick my own ass. Bear with me.)


Anonymous said...

the what if's............

Kimbolina said...

Point Reyes is beautiful this time of year, or at least it was when I was there this time 2 years ago. Enjoy it.

Oh, and you're too close to civilization to cop out on a post with no WiFi access as an excuse.

ThomG said...

Unless you use Cingular, there is no cell service in Point Reyes. No phones, no TV, no wireless, no Internet. It was nice.