Texting SMTOE (sets my teeth on edge)

There are many things I just don’t get in this world:
But what I really don’t understand is text-messaging.
If you’ve got the fucking mobile in your hand already, just make the goddamn call.
Full disclosure; over the past month, I have sent my first series of messages. Usually replying to the person who text-messaged me.
I think I’m over it.
Because it takes me something like five minutes to send a 15-character text.
And because I’ve come to realize that text-messaging is stupid.
That thing in your hand is a mobile telephone.
Texting is dangerous for society. We no longer talk. And I’m starting to see email in text-shorthand.
“Afaik il cu2nite b4 dinr, l8r.”
(“As far as I know, I’ll see you tonight, before dinner, later.”)
Pretty soon, we’ll all just be grunting at each-other, like Neanderthals.