It is a lost cause, and I don't care to wage the battle

I am an educated man.
And through nearly 44 years, I have come to possess a fair amount of common sense; and elder friend described it over dinner on Thursday as “A wisdom of the world that is quite refreshing for someone still learning to find their way around.”
And yet, I have been beaten by a 12-year-old, 48-pound Australian shepherd/chow cross dog.
The war for the dog shit is over.
I surrender.
Each and every time I let those goddamn dogs out, I have to carry with me a plastic baggie, so I can pounce on Trinity’s shit before Scully has the chance to Hoover it up.
The muzzle was no match for this dog. I watched – in horror – as she used her tongue like an anteater to lick up Trin’s dung as it fell from her bunghole on Thursday.
Making matters worse was a development that started over the weekend.
Scully, after having feasted on shit, regurgitated it up on her kennel blanket.
You think dog shit is nasty coming out of one orifice?
Try two.
Fucking evil dog.


Troy said...

Ask your vet for a supplement to add to your dog's food that makes the poop not smell like food or try a different food that digests better.