A dad update

For those who have asked, dad gets out of the hospital on Monday.
He is being released home - to the (suspect) care of third sister - until second and first sisters make arrangements to spend time with him.
Just in case, I have researched airfare to Omaha, and have alerted the authorities that I may need to fly on a moment's notice.
On Saturday, he called to say they were releasing him without any antibiotic orders, that the various infections he had were cleared up.
That's very cool.
He was a bit flustered on Saturday.
He can't say prosthesis (he has somewhat of a thick New England accent), so I told him to just call it a peg leg.
"They said I can get my pros-pres-pros, ahhh, peg leg in a couple of weeks. I decided that I want to go to the same pros-pres-prosis, ahhh, peg leg place for the fitting and the rehab."