Sometimes, indulgences are thrust upon you.
Los Lobos played the Cascade Theater Thursday night, an acoustic show that was freaking brilliant.
I know, I was there.
Tuesday, a friend asked if I was going. I though the show was sold out. She said she had to go talk to a Cascade official, and she’d “scope out the scene.”
“There were four tickets left,” she said. “You owe me $32. Oh, and sushi at 6 p.m.
“You need to get out, ThomG.”
I had the mirage roll, teka maki, a bowl of miso soup and a couple of Asahi beers.
Great conversation, as people kept joining and exiting our table.
And no questions asked about my “situation.”
The show was amazing. Four guitars, four guitarists. Pure music in a acoustically fantastic theater.
Los Lobos played traditional Mexican ballads and mixed in stuff from their albums “Kiko” and “Acousitc En Vivo” during the first set.
Toward the end of the second set, they got electrified and played tracks off “The Town and the City.”
For an encore, they covered Neil Young’s "Cinnamon Girl" (very cool), and ended with “La Bamba” (which I could have done without).
It was a fantastic February indulgence.


TheRobRogers said...

I'm jealous. I mean, few things beat a good concert.