Wednesday's Three Word Wednesday

The word prompts over at 3WW are frequent, open and someday.
The movers are here, moving like molasses, but we’ve engaged in conversation (“Boy that newspaper is really gong to suck now that you’re leaving” bless them) and I sprung for lunch, so my shite is in good hands.
I feel the need to Haiku.


Someday never comes,
when frequent fears close the mind,
be open to chance.


pjd said...

great message in this haiku, and it's well written. The other day I heard Van Halen's "Right Now" again. Maybe these messages popping up all over are trying to tell me something...

Daily Panic said...

I like this. "be open to chance"

gautami tripathy said...

I too like this..

Pages and pages of it

Anonymous said...

Yes! This is outstanding!

TC said...

This was really good. Made me stop and think.

Of course, when "someday" is an empty promise, sometimes it really never does come.

Bone said...

Someday never comes

What a sad thought. I was thinking along the same lines with my 3WW this week.

Well done.

forgetfulone said...