A glitch in the Matrix

Suzy says there are no problems, just opportunities.
There's been a glitch in the Matrix. Not a huge one, mind you, but a glitch.
The moving van will load my stuff on Wednesday, with a delivery date of June 25 or 26.
I was going to take my sweet time to South Dakota, see the sights, soak in my buddy's hot springs in the Nevada desert.
I did the math. Driving 55 miles per hour (gas savings, fucking go around me asshole), the trek will take 32 hours of drive time. That does not take into account potty breaks and dog feedings/picnic lunches.
Granted, second sister has the keys to my townhouse. But the mover needs to get paid, something that is done at the end of the voyage (and my stuff is first off). So that's out. I need to be in South Dakota on Tuesday, late. Meaning I need to have the truck headed east on Sunday.
My going away party is Saturday.
"You'll just have to leave with a hangover," she said. "Beautiful."


Anonymous said...

oh, no! He's starting to really swear...surface tension?

Hang in there. Suzie's right.

quin browne said...

i've been reading via your 6s... i enjoy both.

good luck on the drive. i chickened out, and will be flying west from nyc..but, then, i've only boxes, and can send them fedex.

and the idea of being in a car that long makes me twitch.