Trinity vs. The Bunnies

Yes, I let Trinity chase a bunny once.
It doesn't mean I'm going to keep letting her do it.
The eastern cottontail rabbit is abundant in the Midwest. They breed...well you know. And they are everywhere in the morning and in the evenings. Gangs of them.
Second sister said she used to be upset when her cat would drag one home, dead. That's until they ate nearly every piece of foliage in her yard ("Including my tomato plants," she said, "which are poisonous.")
She now turns a blind eye to the occasional slaughtered bunny.
What confounds Trinity is that the damn things will take off in a burst for about five feet and stop. And look.
Sometimes, there will be three of them together and they'll all run five feet and stop. And look.
Trin strains at her choke collar. Her eyes plead.
I know damn well that if I let her go, she'd run one down.
I'm new to the neighborhood and I'd like that good karma thing to continue.
Trin has other, more wicked thoughts.

Tales of stupidity: I ran a red light on Friday, busy intersection, too. Just drove right through it, with two cars bearing down. Thank God I didn't brake, but immediately hit the gas and did a little swerve. Both cars got within, oh, two feet. Thank Saint Christopher (yet again) for keeping my ass out of trouble.
There is a curious thing in the Midwest called the right-hand turn lane. Most of the time, the lane that you're in abruptly ends into a right-hand turn.
I've taken a shitload of unexpected right-hand turns in my three days here.
I was leaving the library (what's with city downtown streets and one-ways?) and was headed to my next errand when I caught the fact that I was in a right-hand turn lane - and wanted to continue straight. I stopped, put my blinker on and moved into the other lane when traffic cleared.
There was a Sioux Falls cop (in a black-and-white Volkswagen Beetle cruiser) who waited to turn left and wagged an authoritarian finger at me.
I smiled, sheepishly, and nodded my head in agreement.
He had to have seen the California plates.
Crazy hippies.

Historical tales: TheRobRogers does a fantastic job of explaining Martin's Cove, which is a historical monument of Mormon history that I passed in Wyoming. A great read by a great writer.
(And a Mormon who drinks waaaaay too much Coke. But that's how he rolls, and I respect that.)

One last observation: So I'm using the free WiFi at the main library (there are four branches in the city proper - already got my library card, thank you) and I was walking through the computer area to get to my now-favorite table and I notice that there's a guy of about 50 at an Internets station looking at mail-order brides.
From Asia. I slowed to rubber-neck and he gave me a stricken look and collapsed the page.
I love libraries.