Try reducing your life to a size of a truck

OK, my life won't fit into a 16-foot truck.
A 24-foot truck seems a little large.
They don't make a 20-footer.

My dad thinks I should sell off all my stuff and buy new stuff in South Dakota, thus reducing the need for a truck in the first place.
Only, his economics are a bit off.

I'm poor.


Anonymous said...

H-m-m-m, our lives have been reduced to a 27-footer! How do we accumulate so much crap! But we did dump the furniture. You can buy it used on the cheap when you get there.

Anonymous said...

Gee,'re griping about one or two feet...try moving when it takes three trucks as big as they come to move your shit! I shake my head in wonderment...I think your dad may be right on this one.

And don't worry about the cats...I had to leave my beloved chickens behind and I completely forgot about them afterwards for the most part...

Just keep looking's all you can do.