A story in six sentences

I’m pretty sure I’ve got a new Six Sentences going up on Thursday. Knowing that Thursdays are my Three Word Wednesday, I’ve decided to remind you good folks to check out both sites.

And have fun with this little Six Sentence construction:

Knowledge is Power

He emerged from his youth without the ability to whistle, a conundrum for someone his age.
Oh, he could roll his tongue, spit six feet, fart at will, belch the alphabet, crack his knuckles just by making a fist and was blessed with double-jointedness in several bendable areas.
His whistle sounded like air escaping a punctured tire.
She could fold her eyelids back, hold her breath for two minutes, do the splits - and she could whistle like songbirds at dawn.
She, however, could not muster up one belch, certainly not like her brothers; hers sounded like dainty hiccups.
Over tea and frank discussion, they decided to trade secrets; belching lessons for instruction on whistling.