Wednesday's Three Word Wednesday

With (some) time, I decided to get a Three Word Wednesday up on Wednesday. The word prompts are change, dizzy and key. A Fiction in 58 seems appropriate; I don’t have all that much spare time with the big move and all (it’s going well, thanks for asking).

Recently Released

Getting on with life was key.
She knew the dizzying prospects of such a change. Time heals. Starts, fresh.
From a hardened shell she’d emerged; into a new world where questions would be asked, looks thrown.
He’d hit her once too often; bruised her for the last time.
The knife blade squeaked as it passed between his ribs.


Anonymous said...

sweet revenge :)Love how it's written

Xinh said...

My haiku for the 3WW are in the same vein.

TC said...

Good for her.

Glad the move is going well :)

Anonymous said...

Love that ending!

you gonna hate my post

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Knife in the ribs? Sounds painful...ouch!

About your BigMove...DO NOT complain about sore muscles...think of them as 'growing pains'.