Vote 4 Kelly to ride to Hell and back

Kelly Baker is 31, lives in Redding and is a recovering middle school teacher who quite possibly could kick just about everyone’s ass if she wasn’t so super-sweet and friendly.
She was down at the pub Wednesday handing out stickers – outdoor types dig stickers – and talking up a mountain bike race she’d like to do.
She needs some help to get voted in to do it.
Santa Cruz Bicycle’s Hellride 5 in Downieville, Calif., Aug. 1-3.
“What has in the past been an opportunity for two unlucky souls to get mugged by Mark Weir and Rachel Lloyd for about 12 solid hours, with the chance to limp away at the end of it all with a new Santa Cruz Nomad for their efforts, is taking a new twist this year,” Santa Cruz spokesman Mike Ferrentino told “This year, applicants will be narrowed down to a field of about 32, who will then be voted by the Internet public down to a final eight (four men, four women), who will then be invited to Downieville. They will then compete against each other, as well as Hellriders Weir and Lloyd, in a series of feats of strength (think American Gladiators meets Jackass) to gain hopeful time bonuses for the following day's Hellride.”
Baker currently is in the top four.
But she needs our help. You, me and everyone who reads this can help vote her in here. It’s easy. You vote, give your email and then follow the link provided.
“This is seriously cool,” said Baker, who has an infectious smile - and arms that most women would kill to own. “I’ve never done much racing, but this just seemed like a cool thing to do.”
The contestants will ride at least 70 miles in Downieville, probably up the gnarliest downhill mountain bike course in the West. And the contestants have to do it alone, no support crew, on 30-plus-pound single-speed mountain bikes.
“I ride my 40-pound VP Free,” Baker said of the original Hellride bike. “And this area is perfect for that. I mean, I’ve pushed that thing around some pretty amazing trails.”
At stake is a helluva lot of pride – and a new Santa Cruz Nomad bike worth $5,000.
First, Baker needs to get voted in.
Then she needs to ride hard.
Voting closes July 11.
Here’s Baker’s entry video:

Baker is serious about Hellride 5, and so is Santa Cruz.
“One final note to contestants: You Come Alone. No lurky touchy-feely boyfriends, no over-pampering girlfriends, no parents with sunblock and fresh glasses at the ready. You are expected to carry the weight of this ride all by your own bad self. That includes toughing up and being able to fix your own flats and carry your own food and water. This is a serious contest and a serious ride. I can dish up some serious ass-kicking. Be prepared. Contestants must provide their own valid health insurance.”
“I am so ready for this,” Baker said. “I’m in the top four right now.”
Let’s see if we can’t get her to No. 1, shall we?


TheRobRogers said...

Hmmmm. That would have been a pretty good story for the outdoors page.

Anonymous said...

Nice story, Thom. Wanna borrow my scoop? xodoni

Anonymous said...

Tell Kelly to stop in at the S.O. when she's here, we've got cool stickers! Hope she gets in, I hear it's a great ride...

Unknown said...

Hey nice words there...

Uncle E said...

After my vote, she's got 279...nice post, Thom.

Anonymous said...

Kelly is a way cool girl... Cory and I met her and her husband Joe in Downieville last year and did a couple of runs together. She's a great rider too... kicks my ass on the downhills. I'll go vote.

Forgetfulone said...

I voted for Kelly. Any recovering middle school teacher gets my vote every time. I WISH I was recovering from teaching middle school!