That felt a little weird

She seemed like a perfectly nice lady, and her teenage daughter was quiet and respectful.
They picked up Indy and Neo, they petted them, told me their household story.
Then the mom told me she'd be happy to take the cats.
The daughter got the cat carriers; I got the litterbox (freshly cleaned), the food, the 30 pounds of unused litter, their food dish.
The cats knew something was up. They got into the carriers with some coaxing. But they didn't hiss or meow.
And then they were gone.

Technically, they were not my cats. We got them for my ex-wife's children and when she left, the cats stayed. Per her lease, pets were not accepted. Fine.
They are living, breathing things, so I took care of them. Through the toilet paper shredding and cat hacks; through all the plants I tried to grow, only to have mowed down - and two cats puking green (can anyone explain that? Anyone?).

They just couldn't make the trip. This new adventure is going to be interesting enough with the girls, and I dearly love them. So, the cats are in a new home. And I felt like a heel.

The email was in the morning's mailbox:
"Hey, I just wanted to let you know Neo and Indy are here now and doing good so far. It'll probably take a few days for the adjustment and remember to keep my information and any time you want to know how they are doing or just want to chit chat feel free."
She even offered to let me check on them via Webcam. Which makes me feel better. That there are people out there on the Internets - I posted my pet adoption plea on ReddingFreecycle - that are good, decent folks, ready to help.

The other lesson learned here is that is OK to be selfish at times. Saying no is allowed. That my nature - my propensity to nurture and to care - not be preyed upon when I feel like saying no.


The Mayor said...

I took in a cat for 4 months, and he has gone back to his "Mommy" (like, more than a month ago) but I still miss him, and I cried so hard when he left. I really wish he was still living with me. its weird how people get attached to animals, eh?