SoDak Kodak Moments

Bad-ass Badlands National Park. No crowds, either (not like Mt. Rushmore, which was a tourist-attraction nightmare). I'm driving through Badlands again Wednesday to meet up with Interstate 90 (and Wall Drug Store, where the coffee is always a nickel).

No licking!

Each layer of soil (?) contains remnants of fossilized history. Badlands is the world's richest deposit of fossilized remains in the world. The soil is rocky, but soft, too.

KOA Kamp Kritters (must...spell...everything..with...a...K).

If you're going to road trip, you have to have a kick-ass road trip vehicle. Sleeps one adult, two dogs comfortably. And at 65 mph, I'm still averaging nearly 26 mpg (it's been windy).


Brenda said...

Your photos have made me realize just how badly I want to return to the Badlands! I first traveled there with my parents as a child and was mesmerized! Went back as an adult with my husband some ten years ago and we decided to return for some no-frills camping someday. I keep telling him that "someday" is here ... but maybe I'll just load up the car and see if he wants to come with!

Anonymous said...

I almost want to lick a prairie dog... just to see what it is like.

Life without Clots said...

Gee, you had to go to Rushmore, didn't you? You couldn't wait 'till after you were settled, could you? What did you think; that it'd be like the Hitchcock flick?
Peace out...