On the road, day II

I'm just north of Casper, Wyo., in the back of the truck in a howling thunderstorm. At a KOA camp. Setting up the tent at this point is not an option. I've moved stuff around - in the rain while I kept the girls inside - so I can get myself and my sleeping bag in back. It's a tight fit - and the girls smell like wet dog.

The double rainbow was cool. It's been raining hard since about 6 p.m. As I write this (the KOA has free WiFi and it's pretty cool to be posting away with Blogger's scheduled post publishing at about 11:30 p.m. June 23), the wind has come up and is rocking the truck pretty good. The stuff in plastic bins is tucked away under the tent awning, where the tent would have been pitched had it been dry.
Seriously, even though it is cramped and Trin is snoring loudly, this is so way better than Motel 6. No peering eyes.

It was a good day. I put in more than 600 miles, and am 1,100 miles into this 1,700-mile odyssey. This was a great shot, a wind farm outside of Evanston, Wyo. That's the future.

Also took advantage of getting of the Interstate onto some great two-lane blacktop and meandered. Looked at some historical stuff. Maybe TheRobRogers can explain Martin's Handcarts, a Mormon historical site that's next to Devil's Gate, pictured below, where settlers on the Oregon Trail traveled (they didn't actually go through). The Sweetwater River cut through solid, glaciated granite to form the 100-meter-deep slot.

On Tuesday, I'm aiming for Rapid City, S.D. and a layover at Mt. Rushmore.


Anonymous said...

Dude... great to get these road dispatches. It makes it a little easier to deal with the fact that you are gone. Happy trails brother!

Uncle E said...

Stunning photos!

Forgetfulone said...

Wi Fi is fabulous, isn't it? We just spent five days travelling through Arizona on those 2 lane black top roads. The scenery is incredible.