My hair looks great today

It does. My hair. Fabulous.

Maye it's how the salt-and-pepper of my temples plays off the salt-and-pepper of four days worth of beard stubble; maybe it's the way I raked in the gel through my locks with my fingers (it's tougher than it looks); or maybe it's just my attitude.

Since Friday, I've slept through the night. Hell, I took a mid-afternoon power-nap on Monday, in-between dealing with movers and rental property managers and empty cardboard boxes. Yeah, my body still feels like shit, but it's a work in progress. I'm going to treat myself to a massage, so I can stop taking like eight Ibuprofen each day.

Amid the chaos of moving 1,722 miles to a new place I know nearly nothing about, I have found some calm, peace. I've done the absolute right thing. For me. The dark clouds have lifted.

Just ask my girlfriend. She likes the deviant smile I've developed.


fuzzballdaddy said...

Thom, I got inspired to work on my one-speed converted bike thanks to your article Sunday! Thanks for all the good work you've done for cycling in this community! Are we having a Bon Voyage bike ride en masse before you leave?