Mixtape tales: "Cassette from My Ex"

The absolute worst mixtape I ever got was from a girlfriend who thought I'd appreciate elevator-style classics from Chicago, REO Speedwagon and Styx.
OK, she was into me and all - I mean, how many women are there out there who have been inflicted with the like of The Replacements, Pixies and Social Distortion? - but the only time I listened to this particular tape was when she asked to listen to it. I think I even gave it back to her in the break-up.

Ran across a site that pays homage to the art of the mixtape - made by your ex. Good. Stuff.
Check it out at Cassette from My Ex.


Sophia Miller said...

What an awesome site! Too bad I almost always gave my mixed tapes to friends, never lovers. So none of my best stuff will ever end up on Cassette From My Ex. But how awesome! Especially how you can actually listen to the entire tapes!