Tuesday's NaiSaiKu Challenge

It's a poem, it's a haiku, it's the NaiSaiKu Challenge...

back alley musings,
there’s a score to settle, bud,
yellow crime tape flaps
yellow crime tape flaps
there’s a score to settle, bud,
back alley failures


Weronika Janczuk said...

Oh, I like this. :)

Thanks for sharing!

Cathryn said...

Great piece, I really like it.

Marc Latham said...

Cool story

Janet Jarrell said...

Ouch - this little musing was more than a whisper I am afraid.


Stan Ski said...

Reminds me of a few places I know.

Wendy Naisa said...

Yeah, this sounds like my back alley!

Sorry I wasn't around last week Thom, but I'm just back from a little trip to Poland.
-Andy Sewina