Monday's Fiction in 58

Simply put, this is a challenge to write something with 58 words.

Out by the orchard, I find the biggest butterfly I’ve ever seen drying its wings. It’s slick from the cocoon, vulnerable.
Its wings are a patchwork of blues, blacks, golds. Rich, velvety.
As I reach a finger to touch, father protests.
“Don’t you dare,” he says. “Her wings have been dusted with magic.”
“Mysteries of life, son.”


Anonymous said...


Anya Padyam said...

That was beautiful - mysteries of life...

I passed on an award to you...


For your great writing!

Melissa Russell said...

That is an awesome write. I always wanted to hold butterflies, they are magical little beings aren't they.

Dee Martin said...

A beautiful moment, described perfectly.