OneWord - Shallow

OneWord is writing on a fast and furious scale - one word and 60 seconds. In truth, I write it in all lower-case, don't indent, and fix spelling mistakes after time is up.
What can you say in 60 seconds?

Wegman walked back to the bar, a sly smile on his face, the reddish outline of a delicate hand scorching his face. He tipped his beer back shook out his long, perfect hair and laughed after the gulp. The guys all wanted to know what happened. He said something about asking her if he could hire her by the hour and if she offered group rates.
We made eye contact, she and I, and felt Wegman's shallowness wash over me like the tide.


Weronika Janczuk said...

Oooh, this was nicely done. Thank you for sharing the site with us -- I'm off to check and try it out.

Daily Panic said...

I tried this last week, it is like diving in water to jump in the prompt and write whatever comes to mind. It is addicting, better said:
"A Writer is someone who cannot not write. by "writing" I mean creative writing, not messages to a friend." - Sol Stein

Hope you are feeling better!

b+ (Retire In Style Blog) said...

Great big story with very few words! I loved it.


Jane Doe said...

This is very well written for having been done in just 60 seconds. So much was said about the characters in just one paragraph.

I'll have to try this site.

Dee Martin said...

wow great - I was so glad she slapped him - wanted to redden the other side myself LOL