A Monday Drabble

A Drabble is a story in 100 words. Hadn't done one in some time. So here you go:

The party swirls around her, the talk, engagement.
She passes through like a ghost, or an aberration – a distortion in normal line of vision.
She’s cloaked in a shyness her friends all hope she’ll grow out of; hence, the continued invites. She’s aware of their concern, but peripherally. She feels the concern, but just the edges. She’s content to be prickly.
See, there’s a boy she’s waiting for, someone she’s always pictured - readied herself for that moment.
And at this minute, that boy is looking out the window, gazing at the city lights, nervously plucking at his sleeves.


Sepiru Chris said...

I had never heard of a Drabble before; now I have both googled it and read one.

You are very good at this flash fiction stuff.

I can completely imagine the girl, the party, the crowd of faceless (to me) friends, and the boy; your writing reminds me of calligraphic paintings where sparse lines create whole worlds.

alister said...

Another luscious one, this one dripping with the juice of not seeing but seeing, not knowing but knowing, and the dizzying, electrifying excitement around sensing a desired destiny, sensing its inevitableness, the catalyst for a Mona Lisa smile.


Noah the Great said...

Ooh, good work!

April B said...

I especially liked that "she's content to be prickly". It sort of redeems her from her friend's pity. I love reading your flash fiction