Fiction in 58, dialogue

Dialogue is hard to write. It's even harder when you limit it to 58 words - but you still want to push a story forward. Consider it a test.
A fiction in 58.
Just dialogue.

Brutal Truth

“If judging him judges me, what does that say about me?”
“Forget I brought it up.”
“You started this; an explanation, please.”
“Usually, our harshest critics are ourselves. Your callousness radiates to everyone - but yourself.”
“That’s a horrible thing to say.”
“You asked for it. Your cruelty knows no bounds.”
“Are we friends?”
“Yes, your only one.”


Shadow said...

a test??? darn hard if you ask me. but boy did you do it well!

Hal Johnson said...

Wow. Well done.

rebecca said...

that's right, friends will always tell you like it is...

quin browne said...

i like dialogue making up a short..