Fiction in 58, a story in small packaging

They spooned on her tastefully appointed leather sofa, late, after drinks, conversation.
She rested her head on his shoulder, wrapped fingers around his wrist. Their breath, in time, harmonized.
His hand found the small of her back. He pressed.
She drifted off.
She twitched, yelped softly.
He ran a finger across her brow, ached to relieve the pain.


alister said...

Well this left me in a whirl. My mind gets weirder every day. And I’m worried. You don’t help ;-)
I’d been turned into mush by the sensual choreography here, and was ready to drift off when, on “yelped,” my left eyebrow rose sharply. But it’s only because Nova’s having the occasional “episode” and I’ve had to pop dimenhydrinate down his throat and soothe him to sleep. God help me, but that aside, this piece of yours is sweet!


Noah the Great said...

I really love this one.

svojoh said...

Yes, very good... so vivid I felt like I was almost there.