A Drabble for a Saturday

Time for a Drabble, a little slice of fiction in 100 words.

Rules & Attraction

The object of his affection was a woman he’d first seen on the train, and just in profile at that.
He was struck by her refined features, the coal-black hair, the color of her skin, like good olive oil. The athletic sculpt of her calves, her arms.
They’d gotten of at the same stop and he felt drawn to follow her across the platform and onto the street. He felt alive, mesmerized.
She turned, put a hand on her hip. Raised her other hand slowly.
The pepper spray was unexpected; he writhed in agony as she watched in sadistic satisfaction.


Jill said...

*tries not to laugh*

Loved the drabble.

It's kind of sad to think that this sort of thing probably actually happens.

Shadow said...

...rolling around laughing....

Uncle E said...

Nice twist! Like the 2 folks above, I guffawed my butt off.