Continuation of a theme; a Fiction in 58

Thanks for all the well-wishes. I am feeling better – and while outside pressures continue to push, I’m dealing with them.
Let’s keep thinks brisk. A Fiction in 58.

Darkness Falls

He walks through the neighborhood, the pre-dawn chill illustrated by steam puffs as he breathes.
A flock of crows passes overhead, throaty squawks pierce the quiet. He pauses, watches them disappear on the horizon.
He thinks about their wings, greasy black. Suddenly, he’s nauseous, dizzy.
The blackness presses against his temples.
“Please don’t go there,” he whispers.


Shadow said...

ermmmm, crows, black, all i can say is 'good luck'

Daily Panic said...

Powerful inner struggle. good post.

Avari said...

I feel like I relate to this, but sometimes you can never quite tell.. Thanks for your post.