Happy Fish Day

"I'm still accurate without sights up to a mile with a .380," the guide says.
And he's telling the truth. You just know he's killed a man with his bare hands; not because he wanted to - but he had to.

"When I was wounded, that's when I became an agnostic," he says. "they say that there's no atheists in a foxhole, but all I wanted was to get out of there - and know I had enough ammunition."

The guy's 62, former British Special Air Services Regiment soldier and can kick your ass, or just about any ass he cares to kick. Quiet, confident, it was one of the best fishing trips I've been on.

No fish were actually harmed on this mission.

But it looks as if I have another person to join my karass.

We talked and fished along the Sacramento River, right through town, where the big rainbow trout live (the fish I'm holding was 20 inches long). Turns out, we've got a lot in common.
Mostly, it is the survivor's mentality. A coolness that we can turn up and throttle down, when we need it.
The conservation went all over the place.
Women: "They're all fucking nuts, mate, every single one of them. But, fuck, what are you going to do?"
America: "I'm not a citizen yet - I'm legal, not an illegal alien - but I am an American. I love this country."
Fishing: "People here don't know what they have. Since I moved here 13 years ago, I've fished this river more than 2,000 days."
Mountain biking: "I've got a hardtail, a Merlin titanium. I love it, it's indestructible. We should ride sometime, but I'll tell you, I go my speed and that's it."
Backpacking: "Fucking love it. I'm glad to find someone else who's hardcore. What stove do you have?"
Life: "Fucking do what you love, eh? I work hard enough, but I love what I do. You've got it figured out, but a lot of people don't."

I'm telling you, it's great to have people enter your life. Keep you on the path - or show you a different route you may not have thought about.
Just by being themselves.