Metaphysical Friends Justice League

I have a friend who dabbles in things metaphysical.
(Actually, thinking about it, I have quite a few friends who believe; she’s the one I trust however, since she’s a no-bullshit kinda gal who speaks from the heart – even if it is tough to hear.)
Her sister-in-law is a Wiccan High Priestess.
“I’ve dabbled,” she said.
A protection spell around her house. Crystals to “see.”
She told me about a fantastic reading she’d recently had.
Knowing, I think, that I would listen and not judge.
She told me that everyone around her – including herself – was in this upheaval of major change. Good things, bad things – a karmic shift of epic proportions.
The Earth’s energy was ready to kick some major ass.
A shift, she said, in the way karma used to work, to the way it works now.
(This great energy shift took place during the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, and the shift meant that you’d be paying your karmic debts in this life, not in the next.)
The person who did the reading told her to let go of something that was not of her current life. She was told great things. Meaningful things. Things of great insight.
And she has gone on to be filled with what could be described as “sight.”
Her sister-in-law came to her for advice and counsel.
At the end of the evening, when the wine was drunk and the dinner dishes put up, she rose and said it was time to go. We’d caught up – it’s been way too long between dinner dates – and I think we both felt good to have had the chance to spill (vent) to someone who wasn’t judgmental or a bullshitter.
We hugged, a tight and wonderful embrace among close friends, when in a little more than a whisper, she said:
“You’ll be alright.”
And I felt that it would be so.