ThomG explains the cosmos

I tried Saturday to explain life.
Over fish tacos and my favorite beer from Texas.
While Prince played a big show in Vegas, recorded on DVR, on TV.
I fear I may have failed, miserably.

For me life is a river. It has great width and tremendous depth.
We bob along, like a cork.
There is always a current pushing – call it spirituality or God or whatever – but we are free to swim with the current, against it, dive to its depths or explore two shorelines.
We are free – free will – to move through the river without simply going with the flow.
Problems present themselves as waves, logjams, eddies. It is best to avoid them, but sometimes you can’t figure out the current and you get swept in.
And that’s when all your survival skills kick in.

“I dunno. That’s what I think, anyway.”
“You know, Bono said life was a pony ride,” he said.

And there you go.
Life can be like a river.
Or life can be a pony ride.