Shades of gray

Used to be, I could define my life - reason it - in terms of black and white.
Good and evil.
Right and wrong.

Not anymore.

Whether it came from better deductive reasoning, better command of my brain cells or just life experience, I have come to realize that life is a constantly shuffling deck of cards – and that they are all gray.
Shades and shades of gray.
So much tarnish on every hope, dream and desire.

So you do the best you can. You navigate through the grayness, and try and make the best decision through fuddled (muddled) circumstances.
But decisions you have to make.
Indecision is death.
So you choose a path.
And you stick with the decision.

There is no right and wrong, black and white.
Just shades of gray.
The trick is to recognize the subtle differences.
Live your life the best way you can.
Be kind to animals and children. Give your chance to the homeless, before they ask. Hug friends and respect enemies.
Above all, love yourself.
(I guess that's pretty black and white, but it's easier said than done.)


Julie E Divens said...

Yep...that abouts sums it up. There are those among us who think that life is but a black and white thing, then....there's the rest of us who know better, Mo' betta.
Kudos 2 U mein freundish