Day of Be Happy Joy

Pardon the tardiness of this post.
I was outside, fucking around.
(But not getting paid for it.)

Then my Internets connection went dead (fucking cable company).

I digress. Everything is peachy once again.
And I have to say, I love the Japanese.
My old paper, Pacific Stars & Stripes, has a job opening up in its Tokyo headquarters. Yeah, I thought about it, for all of about two seconds. As fun as Tokyo was, you don't just up and move to Asia. Not without a lot of soul-searching and stuff like that (besides, it's a copy editor position, and I like to pass myself off as a writer).

It's been more than 20 years since I lived there, but the memories never fade. Mostly how translations get messed up from English to Japanese and back.

And their love for English sayings and phrases. True story: We were in a huge department store in Tokyo when my buddy stops to try out a fountain pen. There was a large pad of fine paper, and several pens to try out.
"Watch this," he said.
And wrote "My shit be hanging" on the pad.
Two days later, it was sequined on a T-Shirt in the same store.

Just for kicks, I tried Blogger's new profile match thingy, where you can like-minded people who share your interests. Over at Lein Girlz 3, Jege posted these funny Japanese stickers. I knew I had to get my hand on them.
"Why don't you just Google one of the phrases?" a co-worker asked.

Over at Watashi Baka Da, you can get all sorts of fun shit - from keychains and T-shirts to stickers and patches - with great slogans.

You get the picture.
Anyway, they're fun - and meant to be funny.
And since it's Saturday - and you may be headed for a night on the town - I leave you with this (just be responsible adults, shall we?):