Power animals

The conversation overheard concerned spirit animals.
“My spirit animal – the wolf – has been helping me make sense of a couple of things I’ve got going on.”
My first thought was, “Where can I get a spirit animal?”
And my second was “How come everyone seems to get assigned a cool spirit animal?”
(It’s like reincarnation; everyone seems to have been a Gladiator, or a princess or a Carthaginian general – never the poor sap who has to milk goats or cook or clean or whatever.)
There are a lot of animal species out there; they can all be guides, right?

OK, top 10 spirit animals (who apparently get all the work from central Shamanism): Eagle, wolf, bear, tiger, falcon, jaguar, bison, dolphin, owl and anaconda.

Middle-tier spirit animals: Salmon, fox, raccoon, rattlesnake, elk, hummingbird, coyote, lynx, horse and frog.

Bottom of the barrel spirit animals: chicken, platypus, muskrat, meerkat, sloth, gerbil, opossum, armadillo, cow and barn cat.

So say you really want a spirit, or power, animal – how does one go about it?
Google the problem, of course.
Man, getting a power animal is kind of a bitch.
Lots of steps, meditation and the like.
Or, if you’re spiritually challenged (or just really, really lazy), just take an online test.

My power animal?
The wolf.


svojoh said...

I'm a hawk. Not on your list. Your a big bad wolf. Ha

Anonymous said...

I'm a wolverine... cool. Snickety snick.

Kimbolina said...

According to the test, I'm a wolf, but close behind in a tie are bear and swan. Interesting.