One Divine Hammer

"I'm just looking for
Just looking for a way around
It disappears this near
You're the rod I'm water
I'm just looking for the divine hammer"

- The Breeders, "Divine Hammer"

Boots said it best:
"You could write the book about your life, except it is very unclear how it all ends... Brilliant writer, in minor trouble, gets enormous COSMIC JACKHAMMER wielded against him. Where will he land?"

Where will I land?
Especially with a Cosmic Jackhammer.
Right in the ass.

If you look at the arc of my life for just a year - the last 365 days - the changes have been remarkable. Forces within my life and forces outside.
I guess if you were to look at a seminal moment, lets hook it to my dad getting run over by a car on Sept. 6, 2006.
Things blew up from there.
Each month, it was something different. Inside forces; outside forces.
Incidents that I have caused.
Incidents that have been caused upon me.
Incidents that haven't happened to me, but to friends and loved ones that have caused great stress and difficulties.

Where will I land?

This, I do not know. All I know is that I seek one Divine Hammer. to bang all day.
to construct a life that I can be happy with.
And proud of.