Trapped in my home on a glorious day

So my dish needed to be swapped out and I can't take time off of work to wait, so I gave up a glorious Saturday afternoon to wait for a tech.
At the end of the four hours, I still wait.
The house is clean, the dogs are brushed and I still wait for a call from the tech to tell me where he's at.
Here's a Fiction in 58 while I am on hold.

Dark Desires

His arc across life was shallow, unspectacular.
He read books at night under a bare bulb in a basement flat with concrete floors. The books were true-crime non-fiction and dealt mostly with the sins of killers, serial.
He entered middle age fat and rudderless. With a stack of overdue library books, he felt his fortunes turning.


J.C. Montgomery said...

Wow, you make being stuck at home sound pretty good...LOL

I mean creatively...hehe